My Blog’s First Birthday!


Lilahs birthday

       Hello Bookworms!

Get ready to celebrate because today is my blog’s first birthday!

This day last year I was bored and decided it would be fun to write about books. I was right! I’ve loved writing Lilah’s Bookshelf for the past year. I’ve also loved improving my design and interacting with other bloggers! The whole experience has been great. Here are my blog stats after one year of existing:

I have 31 awesome followers,


356 visitors,


And 90 likes.

My post popular post is 50 Signs You Might Be A Bookworm.

Thank you all so much for supporting my blog!

I have more news in addition to it being my first birthday. I created a Twitter account for my blog! I will be posting my thoughts on books, what I’m currently reading, and blog updates! If you’re interested, you can follow my Twitter with this link: .

Image result for twitterThank you for reading! When is your blog Birthday? Let me know in the comments!





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