Updated Bookshelf Tour!


Hello bookworms!

I recently realized after looking back through my old posts that my bookshelf tour was seriously outdated. Since August of 2016 I have acquired lots of books, and received new bookshelves! I figured now was a good time to do an updated bookshelf tour… So here you go!


Ive dedicated this wall of my bedroom to my books. It’s my favorite part of my room! This picture is an overview of my shelves…


…And this picture is of my shorter shelf. On top I have pictures and trinkets on display.


This shelf has most of my hard-covers, arranged in the colors of the rainbow.


This is my Harry Potter shelf!! This is probably my favorite part of this bookshelf. It holds my 11 Harry Potter books (+ my Harry Potter vocabulary book,) four movies, a time turner, a Hogwarts wax stamp, three Pop vinyls and a owl Beenie Baby.


                                                                 A close up of my Pops 🙂


This shelf holds some of my series’. I have the Selection series (minus the first book which I currently have loaned out,) The Mark of the Dragonfly series, The Face on the Milk Carton series, Keeper of the Lost Cities series, and some of my favorite series’ from when I was younger. These include the Poison Apple books, the Cupcake club series and the Disney Fairies series.


                          This shelf is a continuation of the previous shelf. More series!!



These are my second and third bookcases. The third is actually a CD case but I think its perfect for housing decor.


The first shelf on this bookcase holds about half of my to-be-reads. This is my favorite shelf in this bookcase. Every time I look at it I become so excited to read these books!


This next shelf is a bunch of middle grade books with no specific order. Plus a Peppa Pig XD  I had her on top of my other shelf but my dog kept stealing her so now she guards my books!


This shelf is pretty much the same thing, expect a lot of these are young adult books.


These are just extra books that I threw onto this shelf. It holds everything from Pippi Longstocking to The Odyssey!


These are my last two shelves! The first has two bibles and three textbooks. Kinda random… and the last has a bunch of notebooks, coloring books, and journals crammed in it. This shelf isn’t exactly pretty, but I didn’t know where else to put all of that XD Next to these are my ukulele, which is another one of my favorite parts of my shelves.


I have this little chair to the left of my bookshelves and it holds more books that I haven’t read yet. These ones didn’t make it onto the shelf since (Besides To Kill A Mocking Bird and Emma,) they are all middle grade books so I probably won’t get around to reading them all. I bought them when I was still into MG books, but now I prefer young adult.


This is just a bonus picture of the light up tree next to my shelves… I thought it was pretty!

So that is it for todays bookshelf tour! I hope you enjoyed seeing how I organize my books. How do you organize yours? Did you see any of your favorite books?

                                                        Tell me in the comments!



16 thoughts on “Updated Bookshelf Tour!

  1. Omg wow you’re shelves are so pretty! I love the tall one, and how it has the thin shelves on the right hand side, where you put some room decor. I don’t own the complete Harry Potter series, only the first one; maybe I should add that to next year’s xmas list lol? Oh, and that tree is amazing!!


  2. Hi, Lilah!

    I appreciate your post.

    Quick question: You stated that Emma and To Kill A Mocking Bird were Middle School Books. I was wondering if you had an Abridged version of them, as Emma is a Classic and often times studied in College. To Kill A Mocking Bird, while its writing style is simplistic enough for a young person to read, has a plot that is very adult.

    Just wondering, because those two are some of my favorite books. 🙂

    Good luck on your writing journey.


    Annalia Fiore (https://annaliafioreblog.wordpress.com/)


    • Oh no, I said except Emma and To Kill A Mockingbird!! I understand they’re not middle school:) in fact I’m slightly hesitant to read them due to the level of reading they are!! Haha sorry it was confusing!


  3. Ah!

    Sorry, I read over it too fast.

    I highly encourage you to read both of them. Especially To Kill a Mockingbird. It is a very beautiful and thought provoking book. 🙂


    Annalia Fiore


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